Diane K. White

Diane K. White, President/CEO

Ms. White has managed many departments such as Public Works, IT, Library, Finance, Capital Improvement Project Management, Human Resources, and Administration. 

She has written, managed, and implemented contracts, run an emergency operations center during multiple events, developed, implemented, and executed City Budgets. She has held press conferences, served on several committees and boards, hired, fired, and mentored many people and has done so with the highest of integrity and ethics.

She has mentored others to be owners of their profession and accountable for their actions. She brings her knowledge and a keen sense of perspective to Public Admin Consulting to provide consulting services to local government entities and those that do business with them. 

Ms. White dedicated 25 years of her life to public service, where her passion now is to take the burden off local government leaders by launching and implementing the projects that will make a positive impact on their organization. 

She served in the United States Army in a combat position as a Hawk Fire Control Crew Member. After serving in the military, she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of Houston. 

She landed her first job in local government working in the Engineering department as the Capital Improvement Administrative Assistant for the City of Sugar Land, Texas, and was then promoted as the first Budget Analyst for the City of Sugar Land. While working at the City of Sugar Land, she completed her Master's Degree in Business Administration also from the University of Houston.

She furthered her career in local government as Finance Director for the Town of Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. Once back in Texas, she was hired by the City of Bellaire, Texas, where she would stay for 16 years and hold the positions of Special Projects/Budget Director and Assistant City Manager. 

She is the Founder and President of Public Admin Consulting, LLC.  Email at dw@publicadminconsulting.com