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PAC Projects Completed

References and contact information is available upon request. The list below is an example of some of the projects we have completed. 

  • Performed Public Works Self Assessment and APWA Accreditation Process – Obtained Accreditation
  • Technology Policy and Procedures 
  • Capital Improvement Framework 
  • Five Year Capital Improvement Plan
  • Communication and Customer Service Policy 
  • Police Coordination of Recognition Program Summary
  • Fleet Management Policies and Procedures
  • Solid Waste Heavy Maintenance Predictive and Preventative maintenance process development and vendor solicitation and selection process
  • Community Center Park Amenities and Maintenance 
  • Fiscal Forecast Modeling 
  • Budget Development
  • Fleet and Inventory Management
  • Development Job Descriptions and Performance Evaluation Guide
  • RFP Development and Implementation 
  • Hiring process for several local government staff positions
  • Emergency Management Scenario Development
  • Strategic Visioning and Planning for Chamber, City and EDC
  • Interim Public Works Director